Get in Shape with the Best iPhone Fitness & Nutrition Apps

It’s the beginning of the year and time to get off the couch and outdoors. There are many helpful apps to help people to get in shape, and help track their fitness routines and eat healthy meals. Best of all, many of these apps are free, or for minimal investment. These apps will not only help you to work out, but they’ll help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s a list of some of the best iPhone fitness and nutrition apps on the market today.
loseit1. Lose It. This app is free and will track your workout and your meals together. While it may take time to enter every item in your meals, once it’s in there it will give you an accurate caloric and nutrition count. You’ll then enter in your daily activities, including workout and jogging sessions, and the app will calculate and let you know how many calories you can eat for the rest of the day. There’s also a graph to track your weight loss.

images-mf-209844-159452. GoodFoodNearYou. This is another free app and it will help you to find a place to eat that provides healthy and nutritious meals. It will include fast food, restaurants, grocery stores and convenience stores nearby. The app will present a list of healthy menu choices with nutritional information.

NutritionTips3. NutritionTips. This is also free and it will give you tips about the food you eat. It’ll recommend when food has lost its nutritional value and where the leanest meat cuts are. You can shake or swipe for a new tip.

4. RunKeeper Pro. This app is costly but is also great for owners of older models of iPhone. It actually utilizes GPS technology to help track your route, and speed of walking, running, cycling, hiking, and skiing. It will even show elevation.

There is also a free version with fewer options.

C25K5. C25K. This app has a minimal cost and its name stands for Couch to 5 kilometers. It will start you out slow and guide you through a walk and run each day until you can do a 5 kilometer run all at once. C25K.

iTreadmill6. ITreadmill. This has a minimal cost and is designed for those who don’t have time to visit the gym. It will track your daily movements much like a pedometer. This app will not only work in a holster but also in a pocket or purse as well, unlike other apps. You can also set a pacer to keep up a regular speed.

GymGoal ABC7. GymGoal ABC. This app offers free and paid versions. It will guide you through weight lifting exercises through animations and instructions. You can also add your own images. There’s no option to log in your own workouts with this app.

8. FitnessBuilder. This is an expensive app but it includes over 200 different workouts. There are plenty of images and videos to get you started, and also an option to track your own results.

Carmen Griffin

Carmen Griffin