The Best Vacuum Cleaner App for your Robot Vacuum

The iRobot Roomba 980 robot vacuum is a convenient device that actually vacuums a room for you. It’s circular, and works much like a robot does. It can be prescheduled to leave its home base and clean every room on a floor, or only one room. Once it’s done, it will go back to home base and charge itself up again.

The iRobot is the best robot vacuum cleaner that other robotic vacuum cleaners like to imitate, but iRobot continues to come out with some great innovations. One of these is the iRobot HOME app that can be downloaded to your smart phone or device from the Google Play Apps Store. You can then utilize a variety of features to control your iRobot Roomba 980, even when you’re away from home.

To get started, you must plug your smart device into a computer, and then visit the Google Play App Store. Navigate to the iRobot HOME app. It will automatically find your device, and then you can automatically install the app.

This app is called the “980 Connect to Clean from Anywhere” but you can simply find it by typing in iRobot HOME. You can do a variety of activities while using your smart phone or tablet.

You can simply choose to click on the CLEAN button. This is handy if you’ve invited friends over to your home at the last minute. You can have clean tidy floors without having to do it yourself. This app will connect to your iRobot at home, which will connect wirelessly with your router. It will receive the signal, and then commence cleaning.

You will also be able to set up a weekly schedule for your robot vacuum without having to mess around with its tiny buttons. You have the choice of Sunday to Saturday. You then choose the time, am or pm, and then click on the slider to turn it on. For example, you can have your iRobot clean your home at 9:00 am Monday, and then at 7:00 am on Thursday.

The app also gives you cleaning preferences. You can set up a carpet boost cleaning, or do two cleaning passes. You can let it know that once the debris bin is full, that it must finish cleaning. This not only keeps the energy costs down, but also protects your robot vacuum from damage. You can also select to do edge cleaning of a room, where it will focus its cleaning along walls and around the legs of furniture.

It will become much simpler to clean your home, all with the addition of a simple and free app. It will only take the push of a button. You can now clean from anywhere, at any time.

There are also some other great options too. You have the ability to start or pause cleaning cycles from anywhere. You can conveniently schedule cleaning on any day of the week, and customize cleaning preferences. You have the ability to monitor your Roomba 980 activity.

You can also give your Roomba a name, and access set-up instructions. You’ll also have access to free software updates, and customer care, should you have issues.

In order to utilize this app, you must have purchased the iRobot Roomba 980 robot vacuum cleaner which is one of the best vacuum cleaner. You also need to download your iRobot HOME App to your smart device, or tablet. Recommended models should be within three years old. You should also have a home WiFi connection, with 2.4 GHz band support. No question this is the best vacuum cleaner app available today.

You’ll be amazed at the additional functionality of your Roomba 980, particularly after you download the useful iRobot HOME App.

Carmen Griffin

Carmen Griffin