The Best Domain Name Generator for your Domain Search

Are you planning to start your own website? Do you have that big idea that is going to kick-off your blogging career? Then it’s time to find the perfect domain name!

The first step of creating a website is to purchase a domain name. Sounds easy enough, but with so many people having shared interests, the same names, and similar business ideas, it can be a struggle to come up with a unique domain name.

Luckily, I am about to tell you about a domain name generator that is going to make the process really easy for you. DomainTyper is a website through which you can check if a domain name is still available and if it’s not, it will help you find a new one or show you other options.

You first have to go to and type in the domain name that you came up with. If you are lucky, it will be available with a .com extension. In this case, the domain name generator will give you the purchasing options with a price comparison.

The top 3 best prices. All you have to do is choose the best option, click, and it will take you to the purchasing site where you can buy your domain name and start your website building journey.

However, there is a chance that you are not quite so lucky. Your chosen domain name is taken for the .com extension. DomainTyper gives you a few options for this scenario:

  1. Choose a different extension. Your domain name might be taken for .com, but free for .org, .net, or any other extension. You can even come up with a wordplay by choosing an unusual extension and combining it with the domain name.
  2. Make an offer. If you are set on the name you have chosen, and you don’t want anything else than a .com extension, then you can make an offer to the current owner. It is not guaranteed that you will get it, but DomainTyper will help you start the process, and you might get lucky. Some people buy the domain name and then don’t do anything with it. You will be doing them a favor by purchasing it for a small price.
  3. Choose an alternative. DomainTyper will generate countless other domain name alternatives from the one you typed in. You are likely to find one that you like. You might even find a better one on that list!

When you found the perfect solution to your problem, you can go back to the price comparison step, choose the best price, purchase the domain name and you are all set.

I know, I made that look too easy. Believe me, without DomainTyper; domain name search can be a struggle. All the checking to see if the name is taken, only to spend another hour or so to compare the price on various websites. I’ve been through the process, and I don’t wish that for anyone. Try out this website. Finding and buying your domain name will be a walk in the park.

Carmen Griffin

Carmen Griffin