Philips Norelco Shaver App Helps You to Groom Better

It seems like there are apps to do everything from finding a store to buy a men’s shaver to how to shave more effectively. The Philips Norelco Male Grooming App will help you with your male grooming needs.

The grooming app promises to provide men with tips on grooming advice, beard styling, and how-to tips. These tips are focussed on facial hair, so men who aren’t certain whether they should trim or shave it all off, or who are looking for a more comfortable shave can go to the app for further help.

The app provides a variety of different tools to teach you how to look your best. There is an expert advice feature that will make recommendations just for your facial shape. These will be based on your own facial features, how long your hair takes to grow, and your lifestyle preferences. This combines to make choosing a new facial hair look for you much easier than before.

There are also some great help videos that will teach you how to achieve certain beard styles. For men who prefer to be clean-shaven, there is even advice on how to achieve the smooth clean look. The app can also give you tailored recommendations if you have certain types of hair and skin, particularly on the regions of cheeks, jawline, and neck.

This app will work for any man who uses an electric men’s shaver, but it’s even better if they have one of the shavers in the Philips Norelco line.

There is an interactive product guide within the app. You can use your shaver while the app guides you on its best usage. The Philips Series 9000 range has been marketed as the “world’s first ever shaver with a digital guide”. The electric shaver reviews site helps you to find the best electric shaver for your face.

The app has been created by Mindlight for the Philips Norelco Consumer Lifestyle portion of the company. This app works on both iOS and Android smartphone and tablet devices. To achieve the full functionality of the app, the user first uploads photographs of their face. This can enable the app to render beards and hair growth onto a man’s face so he can see how he looks in each style.

There are twenty different styles that can be rendered onto a man’s facial photograph, so they can see how they’ll look.


Besides the ability to see each look, the app will also provide tailored advice, and narrow down the choices from 20 to one or two, as many men may have no idea which would look the best on their face.

There is also an extensive style gallery where you can view images of men sporting the latest facial hair styles, and see which ones may inspire you to try a change.

This mobile app is completely free, not requiring a separate Philips Norelco shaver purchase, and should soon be available to all iOS and Android devices around the world. You can visit the Philips website for more information about this app.

Carmen Griffin

Carmen Griffin