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Box joints are a strong, sturdy and attractive alternative to dovetail joints. However, as you'll see in the following steps, a perfectly-fitting, clean box joint is easy to create very quickly with a simple box joint jig for your table saw. In this set of free woodworking plans.

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You can't make a box joint if you don't have a box-joint jig. Fortunately, it's easy to make one, following these simple plans. After you build the jig, follow these.

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How to Make a Box Joint Box: Anyone that reads my profile may notice that woodworking is first on my list of interests. So where are all the woodworking articles.

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If you are interested in practicing this art, finger/box joints should be your first step in refining your “joint making by hand” skills before moving on.

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There are a lot of terrific adjustable jigs you can buy or build that will allow you to create box joints of all different sizes, and if you plan on.

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Build this simple finger joint jig in an afternoon and have time left to make a Adjustable Box Joint Jig - Joinery Tips, Jigs and Techniques - Woodwork.

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Router Table Box Joints The perfect fit comes easily with a simple shop-made jig. By Tom Caspar Box joints are a cinch to make on a router.

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How to cut box joints using a simple jig and your router table. Learn how to use this jig to make perfect box joints. Step-by-step woodworking.