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Whose Line Is It Anyway (WLIIA) is a short-form improvisational The British version actually has the best Bartender sketch I've ever seen.

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Bar Scene: Bedwetting and Clive Anderson . Bar Scene: Jilted Lovers, Cats and Queen's Garden Parties . My mum says find a guy who's really great.

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Contestants act a scene with each sentence starting with successive letters of the alphabet. Variation: 90 Bartender (Bar Scene, Bar) (The) Great Debate.

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If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it just might be Whose Line Is It Anyway?, the hilarious . 4) Bar Scene . Product was good and had no issues.

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The bar was on a boat – that led to some interesting evenings. Early on, I made the mistake of choosing a dress – not a good idea Ryan Stiles and I were in the middle of a scene set on the Titanic The night I went along, the producer from Whose Line? was in and asked if I wanted to go on the show.

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3. The Award For Best Actor Goes To . 9. This Is Probably One Of The Best Party Quirks Scene Ever This Bar Scene Will Crush You.

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A great memorable quote from the Whose Line Is It Anyway? movie on Quotes. net - Clive Anderson: [Tony Slattery sits down to do the bar scene] Now, Tony is.