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Behind the Freakout HAR: It was two stores in Las Vegas. When someone would order a Whopper I would have to call it out and say, "OK.

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Burger King celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Whopper in by showing the reactions of real customers in Las Vegas to the news that.

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See two ads from Burger King's "Whopper Freakout" online and TV ad Staged at two Las Vegas outlets over two full days, the chain brought.

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Burger King has hit viral video payday with their new Whopper Freakout viral video. In the video, customers at Burger King in Las Vegas are.

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ADV Chapter 1: The New World of Marketing Communication Case Study - Burger King “Whopper Freakout,” a Las Vegas Burger King declared that no.

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In December, Burger King (BKC-OLD) launched an ad campaign known as “ Whopper Freak Out” in which they told patrons at a Las Vegas.

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Have you seen the Whopper Freakout commercial by Burger King? Could this be the comedian at a BK in Las Vegas just hanging out – or is.

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In September , Burger King began using the original animated King design in which a Burger King restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada told customers that the from a full-length video which can be seen at the official ”Whopper Freakout ”.