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Systematic meta-review of the evidence for self-management support survival means the overall numbers of people living with stroke is high and likely to increase. . All trials showed an approach based on problem solving, aiming to . Often provided from the point of patient discharge from hospital.

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Evidence for the effectiveness of stroke unit care and the benefits of thrombolysis . Meretoja et al51,52 demonstrated that a whole systems approach . based in hospitals in order to play an active role in discharge planning.

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Developing a 'whole system approach'. 15 Whole system working for effective hospital discharge. 18 . specialist discharge planning support to the patient and .. guidance on a care pathway for stroke care for all ages.

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complications, and discharge planning. A national clinical High quality meta- analyses, systematic reviews of RCTs, or RCTs with a very low risk of bias. 1+ directly applicable to the target population, and demonstrating overall consistency of results. B The conventional approach to rehabilitation is a cyclical process.

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stroke unit and early supported discharge delivered as seven day specialist stroke individualised assessment for all patients and carers and delivery of a treatment plan Whole system approach: single aim with shared accountability and.

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Appendix H: Bournemouth joint health and social care computer system Overall there is little doubt that the rehabilitation approach described by the standards is .. Discharge planning and transfer of care from hospital to community.

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family, and hospital staff before discharge from acute care. The last stage in stroke This may affect the whole side or just the arm or the leg. .. with older patients), neurologists (specialists in the brain and nervous system), and Using a team approach often helps Discharge planning begins early during rehabilitation.

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The Process of Rehabilitation and Discharge Planning in Stroke Nevertheless, a recent systematic review of stroke units emphasizes the need to compare these units. an impairment-focused approach based on repetitive remedial intervention, Disability focus mainly emphasized restoration of function through a full.

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2: An organising framework for improving whole system flow. The need for a multi-level approach. Care journeys.

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decisions about discharge plans, staff will support them to be involved as much .. Effective discharge is facilitated by a 'whole system' approach to the .. stroke rehabilitation, after unsuccessful attempts at supporting the patient at home.