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Fact sheet on newborn health and mortality with key facts and information on causes, skilled health care at home, WHO response.

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The fourth Millennium Development Goal (MDG 4) aims to reduce the mortality rate Three quarters of all newborn deaths occur in the first week of life.

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This translates to newborn deaths every day. Reducing neonatal mortality is increasingly important not only because the proportions of under-five deaths.

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About 60 percent of all deaths to children under age 5 and nearly two-thirds of infant deaths (birth to 12 months) occur during the neonatal period (Rutstein.

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Background. High infant and maternal mortality rates are one of the biggest health issues in Pakistan. Although these rates are given high.

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Infant mortality rate: Probability of dying between birth and exactly 1 year of age, 'Global estimation of child mortality using a Bayesian B-spline bias-reduction.

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Every year over 3 million newborn babies die during their first month of life. Although the situation has improved greatly over the last two decades, survival.