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But who are TAA, PSO, SBS manufacturers. I am sorting brass and would like to know what I am working with. thanks who makes taa brass.

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I have a supply of brass that's about 25% TAA brass and the rest Lake City from Makes me feel a little better about separating brass.

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Got some TAA brass mixed with Lake City from Everglades Ammo. that was shipped to Taiwan from a US company to make cheaper ammo.

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"NATO" symbol at 12 o'clock and "TAA 06" across the bottom. Lots of once fired military brass finds it's way into the shooter/reloader market.

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There are a number of brass mixed in with the headstamp of TAA 09 along with the nato marking. Does anyone know who makes the TAA

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Question about Lake City and TAA brass Handloading, Reloading, and Just to make sure I'd run all them through your swager anyway to.

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From reloading standpoint is the WCC as good as the LC brass. to cam over slightly it compresses the primer pocket and makes it smaller.

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"TAA" Headstamp NATO Have a few pieces of brass stamped So why not make a NATO spec ammo for the NATO spec weapons that.

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US Military TAA brass: cleaned, sized, swaged, trimmed and unprimed. pieces.