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For many children, the single best sound they'll hear on any hot summer day is the catchy jingle of the ice cream truck as it makes its way down their street.

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The flavors have put Van Leeuwen on the vanguard of an ice cream truck “Italy and France was where ice cream was first truly developed; they made it.

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An ice cream van (British) or ice cream truck (American) is a commercial vehicle that serves as Early ice cream vans carried simple ice cream, during a time when most families did not own a freezer. Professionally built ice cream trucks that sell prepackaged foods (Novelty Trucks) use commercial cold plate freezers that.

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Electric coolers were far more portable, and made it possible for a chilled The first ice cream truck was credited to Harry Burt of Youngstown.

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Ice Cream trucks are not nearly as common in most neighborhoods these days which makes them a pretty unique find. Today on ShopTalk.

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The History of the Ice Cream Truck. May 5, ice cream truck history. Spring is here finally. We're also seeing some nice warm weather finally. It's getting.

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The instant delivery of ice cream to your doorstep makes these trucks a neighborhood institution. But how did they get their start and why do.

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(Photo: Paul Lowry)When did ice cream trucks begin serenading us with their siren song of relief from the summer heat? Dave Shumka writes.

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Harry Burt of Good Humor fame is the original inventor of the first refrigerated ice cream trucks in America.