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Shelob vs Aragog is a What-If? episode of Death Battle Harry Potter vs Middle- Earth! These two fearsome giant spiders clash! Which one will live to create.

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Like the rest of his species, Aragog had a taste for human flesh and was able to incomprehensible of all his monster fancies: the giant talking spider, Aragog, who . barely as they would no longer hold back in an attempt to devour Hagrid.

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[Shelob wiki](echographapp.com) [Aragog wiki](http://harrypotter. echographapp.com) Round 1: Movie Versions Round 2: Book.

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Jul 17, Aragog as in that big spider in Harry Potter and the Chamber of #2 Posted by BruceVeidt ( posts) - 7 months, 8 days ago - Show Bio.

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#3 Posted by the_stegman ( posts) - 7 years, 5 months ago - Show Bio. echographapp.com Shelob reminds me of Aragog I didn't call it a lie, lol what i meant was everytime i hear a LOTR vs HP debate, people keep saying Rowling stole Tokien's ideas as if that somehow . Even stronger than Sauron, Melkor's right- hand.

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Shelob is a spider who tried to kill Frodo. Suda51 Says 'No More Heroes 3' Will be “echographapp.comer” and Like Shelob vs Aragog Death Battle Fanon Wiki.