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The Southgate Estate was a modernist public housing project located in Runcorn New Town (Cheshire, England) and completed in The estate was designed by James Stirling, and comprised 1, residential.

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It was, as we say in England, a fair cop. Despite Since classical proportioning drove the design of the Southgate project, it is not impossible that Vitruvian Man.

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The northwest of England contains just one surviving Stirling project, the and , the Southgate housing scheme in Runcorn New Town, developed from a This was a natural design response to the brief by the Runcorn.

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Runcorn Southgate Skylines and Photography. Hi everyone wasn't sure whether or not to include this in the British Tower Block threads. housing estate called Southgate which use to be in Runcorn and was designed by.

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It was, as we say in England, a fair cop. When first built, Southgate was generally well received by the international critics, less so by the.

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James Stirling: Southgate Estate, Runcorn New Town, Cheshire, England. - The Southgate housing scheme at Runcorn New Town, designed by James.

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Street on the Southgate Estate, Runcorn New Town in James Stirling's now demolished Southgate Estate, Runcorn, UK Stirling, Social Housing, Built.

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English: Photo of Southgate Estate in Runcorn, Cheshire, UK, taken in provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made.

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RIBApix ref no, RIBA Architect/Designer, James Stirling Michael Wilford & Associates. Artist/Photographer, Kantorowich, Roy Herman ().

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Growing up in Southgate/Hallwood Runcorn in the 70's,80's and 90's has members. Everyone who grew up on Southgate or Hallwood Park in the 70's, 80's.