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In fact, Source Code has over visual effects shots – including the train exterior and ‘Glenbrook Station’. Despite the claims of several Chicago area rail stops, ‘Glenbrook Station’ is not real. Anish Kapoor’s amazing Cloud Gate (affectionately dubbed The Bean) can.

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Filming Locations (7) Cité du Cinéma, Montréal, Québec, Canada. Cloud Gate, Millenium Park, Downtown, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

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Source Code is a science fiction-action thriller film directed by Duncan Jones and written The film received favorable reviews from critics and became a box office success, grossing over $ million worldwide. Plans for a television.

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Source Code The station is the Glenview Railroad Station (note that in the film, it is the "Glenbrook" station, which is a hybrid of Glenview and its neighboring.

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For Source Code, director Duncan Jones looked to visual effects trains, explosions, virtual transitions and other crucial sequences in the film.

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"Source Code" is an ingenious thriller that comes billed as science fiction, although its science is preposterous. Does that matter, as long as.

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Duncan made the most extraordinary movie with his debut film, Moon. I thought he and I would really work well together doing Source Code.

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This movie is filmed in Chicago with great opening cinematography of a very Clean looking Chicago. My question is., In the movie, Jake is on a.