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Sir Matthew Baillie Begbie (9 May – 11 June ) was a British lawyer, politician and The son of an Army Colonel, Begbie was born on a British ship en route to the island of Mauritius, where he lived until he was seven, returning with.

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Matthew Begbie was born to a British military family stationed on the island of Mauritius in He returned to Britain with his family where he.

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Until the age of seven Matthew Baillie Begbie lived in Mauritius, where his father's . is borne out by an analysis of the cases of serious crime that Begbie tried.

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In fact, Matthew Begbie was progressive, lenient, championed the rights of He was born at sea near the Cape of Good Hope on May 9,

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The Law Society of B.C. has announced it will remove a statue of Justice Matthew Begbie, who became known as B.C.'s “hanging judge.”.

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As founding fathers of BC, both Begbie and Douglas were Scots born in the tropics who became bilingual in French while studying in England. As a child, I first.

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With calls to remove statues of controversial figures such as Sir John A. Matthew Baillie Begbie, B.C.'s first judge and chief justice, c.

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another is borne out by an analysis of the cases of serious crime that Begbie tried. In the same period 22 Indians were hanged (Begbie obtained reprieves for 11 Needham had, in fact, always been styled chief justice, while Begbie had .

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Genealogy for Sir Matthew Baillie Begbie ( - ) family tree on for British Columbia he was born in Mauritius [Canada Census,