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For over 30 years Eisele's Honey has served the Midwest as a leading provider of of Raw, unprocessed honey.

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Local, natural honey & beeswax products from Fishers, Indiana. All natural, raw honey includes enzymes, pollen, vitamins, & antioxidants providing We have some additional treats for sale not on the website, for example a variety of % .

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Comments: We offer pure and natural Indiana Honey. D & S Honey Auburn, IN Website: echographapp.com Comments: Our honey is raw.

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We source honey from several different Indiana Honey Farms in our farm store. These farms include: Local Indiana Raw Honey in 22oz and 5lb containers.

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Indiana Local Raw Honey; Bee Pollen; Honey Bears; Creamed Honey (also Buying your honey from a local beekeeper also insures that you are getting pure .

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You'll find honey-related products we produce at our farm, recipes you can make at While the Indiana winter has been cold and unpredictable, our honeybees have been livin' Each month, you will get to enjoy a different honey experience.

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Raw Honey 22 oz (Pint) Jar. From: $ Wildflower Honey 2 oz Bear Bottle. From: $ . Bulk % Pure Beeswax 16 Ounce Block. From: $

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Bohman Bee Company's local Indiana Honey can have a wide variety of RAW. Save on Shipping - ´╗┐Order up to 8 lbs of honey and pay the same shipping rate!.

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There's a honey for everyone. SHOP! _ (1).jpg Providing the community with Raw Honey and Pollen for a natural combatant to flora based.

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Find all different types of local honey for sale in your area by state, zip code, floral source, farm, and more.