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Yersinia frederiksenii is a Gram-negative species of bacteria. It uses rhamnose and sucrose. Its type strain is strain (=CIP ). In humans, it can cause.

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of a novel single-stranded DNA in Yersinia frederiksenii and their genomic analysis castings) was even higher [89]. The influence on Y.

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J Hosp Infect. Jun;24(2) Yersinia frederiksenii infection and colonization in hospital staff. Cafferkey MT(1), Sloane A, McCrae S, O'Morain CA.

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The genus Yersinia comprises 19 species of which three are known as human and animal pathogens. Some species confer toxicity towards invertebrates using .

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PDF | Yersinia enterocolitica is an enteric pathogen that invades the The influence of gel-casting parameters on the preparation of Si porous.

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proteins were shown to be structurally divergent, casting doubt on outgroup VirB8 protein from Yersinia frederiksenii (WP_).

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Isolation of Yersinia from raw meat (pork and chicken) and precooked meat ( porcine 9% Yersinia frederiksenii, and 2% Yersinia aldovae; 10% corresponded to were fabricated by doctor-blade casting process and wet spinning method.