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Attentive Seacoast beachgoers may have noticed much of the seaweed washing ashore these summer days has a marked pink tinge to it — a.

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The invasive species is a short, stubby, red seaweed that isn't supposed to be in the Gulf of Maine. It's an invader that found its way here, likely.

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miles of coastline from Maine southward since it was first discovered The Red Asian seaweed is creating problems for the fishing industry.

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Seaweed a growing problem on Maine beaches southern Maine found themselves grappling with an unusual source of complaints this year.

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The shores of Appledore Island, Maine -- just six miles from the New Hampshire coast -- are being invaded by an aggressive red algae that can.

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This species of kelp is found in the near shore, subtidal zone, preferring more At least 5 different varieties of this red seaweed are found along the Maine coast.