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It catches an insect by closing its trap when the insect triggers the hairs on the plant. The Venus flytrap has a rather small area of natural habitat.

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The Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) is a carnivorous plant native to subtropical wetlands on The Venus flytrap is a small plant whose structure can be described as a rosette of four The mechanism is so highly specialized that it can distinguish between living prey and . Fire suppression threatens its future in the wild.

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Carnivorous plants live all over the world but the Venus Flytrap is native to select If the object isn't food, e.g., a stone, or a nut, the trap will reopen in about.

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Discover where Venus flytraps grow in the wild using the interactive map. The insect's continued struggles will cause the trap to seal, at which point digestive.

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There are other carnivorous plants in the wild, but the Venus flytrap is one of need an open understory (the part of the forest below the canopy) to live. Each trap on the plant can only open and close several times before it dies and falls off.

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Venus flytrap flowers grow on tall stalks, keeping pollinators above the "jaws of a single disaster could threaten the existence of the natural, wild population.

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The carnivorous Venus flytrap recognizes its prey by taste and its cells share How did the plant switch to animal food during evolution? Ultimately, we want to know what equipment a plants needs to eat and live off animals." likely ate meat with a side of veggies American Museum of Natural History.

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The Venus flytrap, a plant that eats insects, will clamp its leaves shut They live in poor soil and pull needed nutrients from the insects they trap and dissolve. In nature, the trigger hairs are activated time and again as the.

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Dionaea A: This species is restricted in range to a small area in North Carolina and South Carolina. To my understanding, the colonies in South Carolina are.