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Rhyolite caldera complexes are the most explosive of Earth's volcanoes but often other rhyolite calderas doesn't work; they occur in subduction-related arcs.

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Rhyolitic magma -- SiO2 %, low in Fe, Mg, Ca, high in K, Na. Gases in ( Volcanoes don't just occur anywhere, as we shall soon see).

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Although detached blocks occur on the tops of andesite flows, the flow interior is In some cases, thick rhyolitic lavas will cool as glassy obsidian flows.

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Rhyolite is an igneous, volcanic rock, of felsic (silica-rich) composition It may have any texture from glassy to aphanitic to porphyritic. The mineral assemblage is usually quartz, sanidine and plagioclase (in a ratio > – see the QAPF diagram). Biotite and hornblende are common accessory minerals. They also occur as breccias or in volcanic plugs and dikes.

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Rhyolites comprise the most silica-rich lavas, and rhyolitic lava flows can reach . The lava was erupted at relatively high temperature and is remarkably similar .

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Can you predict the location of volcanoes? “A volcano Sometimes, Phreatomagmatic eruptions (rapid expansion of steam) occur when lava.