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The blades on all Yonico Router Bits (except where stated otherwise) are manufactured from C3 micro grain tungsten carbide. C3 carbide is the highest grade.

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Whilst searching for a router bit set for a specific application, I came across bits made by Yonico. They all seem to ship from the States.

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At Yonico, our goal is to be the absolute best value in router bits. That's why we design, manufacture and sell industrial quality bits that meet the demands of.

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I know Yonico bits are cheap but are they worth buying? If your answer is "not worth buying" is there another brand that isn't to pricey that you.

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So how do you find a decent quality bit when you are on more of a budget. The first thing to do is to look closely at the bits, do they look well made? does the.

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Has anyone tried Yonico router bits? they have a profile that catches my The last one, I spent many hours cleaning up the mess they made as.

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The only router bit brand even remotely within my budget is Yonico, sold of the time mainly Whiteside, Infinity, and Eagle America (made by.

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We decided to do an in quick Yonico router bits review to bust the myth. Read on to know what we came up echographapp.com should you expect.

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Yonico 70 Bits Professional Quality Router Bit Set Carbide 1/2-Inch Shank They are sturdy, and appear very well made, and packaged very nicely.