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Amphibolite is a metamorphic rock that contains amphibole, especially the species hornblende and actinolite, as well as plagioclase. Amphibolite is a grouping.

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Amphibolite: Amphibolite is a coarse-grained metamorphic rock that has amphibole minerals such as the hornblende group as its primary ingredient. Amphibolite is a coarse-grained metamorphic rock that is composed mainly of green, brown, or black amphibole minerals and plagioclase.

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An amphibolite is a metamorphic rock that is coarse-grained and is composed mainly of black, brown, and green amphibole minerals and plagioclase feldspar. Many of these small amounts of minerals include biotite, kyanite, staurolite, garnet, epidote and others. Amphibolite is found.

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Amphibolite is a common metamorphic rock. It is made of amphiboles (usually hornblende) and plagioclase. Most samples have a relatively simple composition .

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Amphibolite: Amphibolite, a rock composed largely or dominantly of minerals of the amphibole group. The term has 4 references found in Britannica articles.

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Amphibole, diopside, epidote, plagioclase, almandine and grossular garnet, and wollastonite are minerals typically found in rocks of the amphibolite facies.

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Amphibolite is a gneissose or granofelsic metamorphic rock mainly consisting of green, brown or black amphibole and plagioclase (including albite), which.