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Arch Neurol. Jun;53(6) Gilles de la Tourette and the discovery of Tourette syndrome. Includes a translation of his article. Lajonchere C(1).

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The 19th century was a remarkable period for neurology because it was during this period that many of the brain disorders known today were either discovered, .

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In , Gilles de la Tourette described 9 patients who suffered from a disorder characterized by involuntary movements, echolalia, echopraxia, coprolalia, and.

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Tourette syndrome is an inherited neurological disorder with onset in childhood, characterized . Discovering the causes of Tourette's may help resolve the questions of what it is and who has it. The autosomal dominant inheritance model has.

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As his first and prototypical example of tic disease Gilles de la Tourette cited case of . Psychoanalytic assumptions were so pervasive that the discovery in the.

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How much do you know about the man for whom Tourette Syndrome is named? Most people don't realize that Gilles was not his first name;.

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Tourette Syndrome is a hereditary neurological movement disorder that is characterized by repetitive motor and vocal tics. Symptoms may include involuntary.

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The first cases of what we now call Tourettes were discovered in Paris during the decade of at the Salpetriere Hospital for insane and incurable women.

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Request PDF on ResearchGate | Gilles de la Tourette and the discovery of Tourette syndrome: Includes a translation of his article | In , Gilles de la .