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FSA Home Gardening Series. Irish Potatoes. Craig R. Andersen. Associate Professor and. Extension Specialist. Vegetables. Arkansas Is. Our Campus.

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Arkansas vegetable gardening research, education and solutions for agriculture from the Arkansas Irish Potatoes | Vegetable Gardening | Arkansas, FSA-.

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Because potatoes are a cool-season crop, they can be among the first you set in the ground each spring. In southern Arkansas, plant potatoes in late February or .

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Mar 1, In , Irish immigrants introduced white potatoes to New England, and Most gardeners plant in March in Arkansas, but the official planting.

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A late winter potato planting yields buried treasure in the spring. Start by obtaining disease-free certified seed potatoes. Leave them at room temperature fo.

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Potatoes are one of the easiest crops you can grow, but they prefer cool weather so you should try to get them into the ground early spring.

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Mar 14, Irish potatoes are my favorite garden vegetable, and one of the best to grow in Georgia. Other potato varieties that do well in Georgia include.

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Irish potatoes are a cool-season vegetable that grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture Plant Irish potatoes three to six weeks before the last winter frost, once the Growing Irish Potatoes ยท University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture: Irish.

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Summer Vegetable Planting Calendar: The Arkansas Edition Collards; Irish Potatoes; Southern Peas; Summer Squash; Sweet Corn; Tomatoes; Winter.