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Can't you take a joke? boyfriend, sister or a friend, if you think you are being funny and they aren't laughing then you might have gone too far.

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Conversely, if someone at work is taking their actions too far, it is important to come up with strategies to protect yourself, limit your exposure to.

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My "friends" loooooooove teasing me about stupid stuff! When my friend "jokingly" insults me, should I insult them back? If I just ignore them, then I seem unfriendly and just a cold guy who can't take a joke!.

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I'm talking about the deep sort of laugh that takes over your entire body. that the majority of our laughs come at someone else's expense.

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19 People Who Take Jokes WAY Too Far. These people know how to take a joke and run with it Then get onto an airplane with it to a rocket launch and take it.

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A term used for when someone takes a joke that was previously funny, "too far," to the point where it's no longer funny and/or awkward. Can be.

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I don't understand why you would do this to someone you consider a friend. Point is, it's ok to joke around but don't take it too far. Last edited by.

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News of the Weird: When someone takes the joke too far, heated over meat sauce, and a bad spot to skinny dip. November 22, by The Editors at Andrews.