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I can tell you from personal experience and from my informal research with colleagues and friends down through the years that real.

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Opportunities don't just fall into our laps, asking us simply to pick them It can be really frustrating when you catch wind of a juicy new project.

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Do you know when to take advantage of an opportunity? Learn some English idioms when it comes to the topic of "opportunity" and listen to.

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Sometimes a big opportunity comes your way that you weren't expecting. But every opportunity has its price and it's sometimes tough to know.

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Having issues moving forward with a big decision? Take some time this week to consider ALL your options, not just the in front of you. Ask family, friends.

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Is opportunity knocking at your door? Nothing can compare with the wisdom of God as you decide which opportunity is the right one to invest.

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So this begs the question does opportunity pass you by or do you pass it by? it really mean it will never come again as in “Opportunity only knocks once.”?.

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When opportunity knocks definition is - when a person gets the chance to do something he or she wants to do You need to be ready when opportunity knocks.