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As a follow-up, they were asked if there should be a White History Month. Overall respondents favored Black History Month by a margin.

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In , President Gerald R. Ford formally recognized February as Black History Month, a month-long celebration encouraging Americans of all races to "seize.

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“Because every month is white history month.” That's usually the answer that comes to mind whenever someone asks why there is no white.

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“”im against a white history month for the simple reasons that our history is far far to complex and interesting to compress into a single month.

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Elliot Ross of the popular blog Africa Is A Country discusses the White History Month project, and why so many examples of racism are left out of history.

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February has returned and the barrage of “Why can't we have a white history month?” questions are here with it. Black folks probably respond.

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Black History Month is here, so I know someone is going to.