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Financial pundits say economic and market history shows that a bear market ( and possible recession) are likely to be much milder than most.

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CFRA's Sam Stovall warns that the longest bull market on record will imply stocks will plunge more than 40 percent during next bear market.

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12, file photo the bull and bear bronze statue stands . tally of so-called “ signposts” that signal a bear market coming 'round the bend.

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The next bear market will likely be associated with a U.S. recession. While it is impossible to pinpoint exactly when this might occur, the risk of.

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A bear market can offer opportunities, but they are fleeting. is that fundamentals remain good and there is no sign of ill times coming. Besides.

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The U.S. Treasury yield spread and yield curve are useful tools for estimating the approximate time frame when the next recession and bear.

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They never call it volatility when stocks are rising. Beware the perils of a bear market, especially if you're near retirement.

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The global economy is showing decent momentum, and the US economy has become more stable. The next recession is more likely to.

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A bear market for stocks could be coming. After a nine-year bull market, there is always the chance that a bear market could be right around the.