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Then fly back to Hearthome and you will be able to batlle the gym. Answered. How do i get the ghost type gym leader to come back to her gym? Unresolved.

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If this is your first time entering Hearthome City, then don't worry about fighting her just yet, because she's the 5th Gym Leader and thus must be taken later on.

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How do i get the ghost type gym leader to come back to her gym? Unresolved Four badges and can't get fifth gym leader in hearthome not there? Answered.

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The Hearthome Gym is the fifth Gym in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl but is She is the third Gym Leader in this game, able to be battled on the first visit to .. Platinum was too confused by the illusions to fight back, making her chances of.

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Hearthome City is the location of the third gym we will come across in the game. Sadly, we won't be able to do battle with the gym leader yet. Instead way and then head back to the Contest Hall, inviting you to come see her.

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The hearthome city gym leader isnt there. Where is he/she and how do I get her/ him back?, Pokemon Diamond Questions and answers.

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I can't Find the Hearthome City gym leader she said something but I forgot what she said she How do I know if shes back at HeartHome City?.

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Upon entering Hearthome City, a Buneary will come running towards you. to get it back in its Poké Ball, and she will ask you to come to the Contest Hall so she Dark-type move, you can easily breeze your way through the fifth gym leader.