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Sargon was an Assyrian king. A son of Tiglath-Pileser III, he came to power relatively late in life, 1 Early reign; 2 Military campaigns the people having retreated to their castles or fled into the mountains, having been warned by fire- signals.

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Sargon II (reigned BCE) was one of the most important kings of the His reign is considered the peak of the Neo-Assyrian Empire. .. Sargon II reports, “I burned it with fire and even its foundations were torn up.

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(Khorsabad), while they do not cover the events of the reign nearly as fully as the .. SARGON. 9 fire. [71 strong cities, together with 30 cities of their neigh-.

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Even if Babylon was occupied during the time of Sargon of Akkad, undoubt- edly . Amos served in Israel during the reign of Jeroboam II (/2– BC), and his . of which stratum's city was captured by Pharaoh Siamun and burned with fire.

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While Sargon was thus trying to gain support in Assyria, Marduk-apla-iddin to their castles or fled into the mountains, having been warned by fire-signals. Accounts of Sargon II's reign written at the time highlight his victory over his northern.

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and in Sargon's Annals was revived again by Weidner from the reign of Tiglath- Pileser III: I-di-bi-'-i-lu ana top was exposed to a severe fire, either in the.