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is as follows: "The big question everyone has why did Aeris have to die? you get Aeris's fourth limit break she has most likely already died.

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You aren't supposed to know about her death prior to playing. What was the point in levelling up Aerith (Aeris) in Final Fantasy VII when Sephiroth . rearrange his memories Aerith Limit Breaks are completely Overpowered on the support.

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For example, if Tifa has her first limit breaks of Level 1 and Level 2 and is set on . Cait Sith gets all experience if he wins and the whole party dies if he loses.

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I haven't gotten to the part where she dies just yet. I'm afraid Do I have to get her last limit break before her death, or can I still get it afterwards?.

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thing is you cant do it after part one cause she *sniff sniff* dies. Finally figured out this time that Aeris actually does have a Limit level 4!.

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Honestly what is the point of doing so anyway when she just dies? Has anyone actually ever gotten this limit break? And was it because you.

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Aeris, like all the characters (with the exception of Cait Sith) had a Level 4 Limit Break. But, how do we have any hope of acquiring it if she dies? There was talk.