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While high beams help keep you safe, they can also endanger other drivers if you use them incorrectly. All states have laws requiring you to.

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Many users are confused about when to use of low beam and high beam headlights. Headlights on “upper” or “high” beam let you see about feet ahead. If there are no oncoming vehicles, turn on your high beam headlights.

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High beams have a tendency to dazzle the drivers of oncoming traffic blinding them momentarily. High beams, according to law should be used only while driving on unlit multi lane highways. What's the difference between high beam and low beam lights?.

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Do you know when to use your high beams at night It's IMPORTANT! Learn that and all the basics of driving at night w/ our short guide!.

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When I drive at night, I'll use my high beams at speeds over 70 km/h. Slower speeds only require the low beam and most new vehicles will not.

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If you were to use your high beams in thick fog, for example, the light would get reflected back to you. Low beams light up the road at short ranges, and you'll.

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If people behind you have their high beams on and you can't see . Highbeams, you should only use them when there is no one in front of you.

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HIGH-BEAMS OR full headlights are the really bright lights at the front of a car However, you should NEVER use your full headlights in the.

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Proper headlight use in the city; Plus - what to do about an older driver who has become timid Can I drive with my high beams on in the city?.

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It starts with the sky turning an ominous grey. Then, the thick, hazy fog rolls in, obscuring the road in front of you. Anything beyond a couple hundred feet is a.