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This is not American Idol callbacks where you see everyone jumping with their family once they get their ticket. The first audition is only the 1st round. There will .

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If you are selected for a callback you will be required to return days after your open call.

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I have only auditioned for “The Voice” once, at the invite call. I'm not sure how many callbacks a singer may have before making it to.

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One writer auditioned for "The Voice," and explains what the ahead of time that I knew I wouldn't actually get a callback; I just thought it would.

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Over 40, singers try out for The Voice every season. through to interview and left OKC with a chance to be invited to the executive call back auditions in LA .

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How many people audition for 'The Voice'? and odds of getting a coveted “red card” for a call back are about the same as winning the lottery!.

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Anyways, I have made it through to The Voice Callback auditions a few times and I always felt like I had no idea what to expect going into these.

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I can count on one hand how many former Voice contestants have gone For the callbacks/private auditions you can have accompanists (or.

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There was one reason, and one reason alone, why we allowed the Daughter to audition for The Voice. Oh, apart from the fact that the kid.