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We've taken this update as an opportunity to make a comparison between the iOS and Android WhatsApp versions and to see which one looks.

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Different platforms like Android, iOS and Windows have different design One major factor for the difference in apps is that users of a particular platform get.

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WHATSAPP has launched an update with a great new feature, but it's be downloaded right now for the Apple iPhone - not Android devices.

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WhatsApp has rolled-out another update to its iOS app WHATSAPP Android users have yet to receive a new update from the Play Store. . Mate 20 Pro vs Galaxy S10 - Similar features but there's one big difference in price.

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Android and iOS have plenty of differences. Here are five places we think Apple is doing better than Google.

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Google's Android and Apple's iOS are operating systems used primarily in mobile WhatsApp, Google Duo and Skype all work on Android and iOS both.

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Find out the differences between WhatsApp and Android Messages in this although it is available for iPhone, Windows phone, and Android.

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The confrontation between Android and iOS has already begun as early More and more smart phones in the market today are using Android.

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Compare the process of switching from Android to iOS with a Google As with macOS vs Windows, the security outlook for iOS vs Android is.