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Metals are pure substances which exist in elemental form whereas alloys are mixture of two or more metals. Metals have metallic bonding between the atoms.

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Mixing two or more of these metals into a blend with a new set of properties forms an alloy, a composite metal that can have strikingly different.

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Alloy is a substance that has two or more components mixed with metal. Therefore, it also has metallic properties. Also, an alloy.

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What is the difference between Alloy and Non Alloy Steel? Alloy steel is composed of a high amount of carbon. Non alloy steel has less or no.

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Key Difference: An alloy is a blend consisting of metal and other elements. Alloys are generally made for achieving properties like greater strength or resistance.

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Find out whether the difference between metal and steel at HowStuffWorks. So what is the difference between these commonly confused terms? Steel, on the other hand, is an alloy of iron with varying amounts of carbon content (from