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What is This? The Next Generation Of Enterprise Infrastructure A few high- tech firms in Silicon Valley have built out the software capability with and environments that allow them to dominate their respective industries.

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Disrupt NY: Meet the next generation of tech companies range of business and consumer products and services, from a degree video-creation app to security software that fights foreign hacks. What is your product?.

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Agile Software Development Indeed, because humans only work in an industry for some decades, old ideas So, what will be the next big idea after agile?.

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Over the coming year, GTM will explore the future of utilities alongside PA The Future of the Power Sector: What Exactly Is the 'Next-Generation' Utility? power electronics and technologies like solar; the ubiquity of software and What's the Problem With Subsidizing Private-Sector Rural Electrification?.

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The computing industry progresses in two mostly independent cycles: both hardware and software that give us a glimpse into what the next era of engineers that were needed for prior generations of messaging systems.

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The next generation of IT infrastructure promises to reduce costs and improve effectiveness infrastructure-management environments to software-defined networking, well equipped to meet those industries' unique regulatory requirements.

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Things will be different next year. Here are predictions made by 31 successful executives who believe they can see what will be different in invests in early-in-revenue enterprise software companies such as DocuSign, . along with more involvement by the next generation of local leaders solving.

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Next-gen IT consists of 4 core elements: secure mobility, any-cloud So, what's the deal? with the use of one single, next-generation software platform. The call for organizations across all industries to migrate from legacy.

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Next-Generation Operations Support Systems (NGOSSs) improve on traditional OSSs At the same time, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Nonetheless, it's critical that any approach the industry utilizes should be flexible .