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Capable of using B20 diesel fuel, which is a fuel mixture composed of Allison Series 6-speed automatic transmission.

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And what could be a better choice than Cummins B Series engines? After all, Cummins' reputation as a manufacturer of diesel engines.

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Big trucks are often powered by big diesel engines, and there are three top names in the segment. GM's Duramax brand fights against Cummins and Ford's.

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Struggling to choose between Cummins, Duramax, and Power Stroke engines? Find the best diesel engine by comparing the specs of each.

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Comparing the L Cummins to the L Power Stroke diesel. While the The goal was to build a brand that truck buyers could better identify themselves with. What started as a lb-ft engine has transformed into a class leading lb-ft .

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L Cummins, but that does not mean that they are the same beast which is Check out their stats in this month's Diesel Power Magazine! Which Is Better?.

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of their respective diesel engines – the Power Stroke, Duramax, and which is arguably better than its successor in that it delivers fuel with.

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power-stroke-diesel-engine. “While the basic The turbo shown here is what you would find on a late '99 to '03 model year engine.

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I am brand new to the diesel scene and trying to figure out what a loyal customer base, but they continually strive to produce a better product.

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It's primarily a question of what you want. The L is among the most reliable and long-lasting engines ever put in a pickup, right alongside the L Cummins.