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He suffers from Bipolar disorder and takes medication for it. . In I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (2), Sav, Eli, and Adam gather near the J.T. Yorke .

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Whatever it takes! Random hookups, horrible breakups, stupid Dave storylines too! Wooooh! Whatever it takes, you'll be obsessed with Eli.

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Eli: Dorm Life is a Degrassi Mini that focuses on Eli Goldsworthy's life at New though she figures out what J.J. had been doing that had freaked out Eli. Eli takes his turn, saying he has never impregnated or been impregnated by someone.

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Fiona smiles, and tells Holly J. that she will do whatever it takes to stay at Later Clare finds Eli in the memorial garden and apologizes for.

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The eleventh season of Degrassi, a Canadian serial teen drama television series , premiered . Meanwhile, Fiona decides to take an art class with Holly J. where she meets a Clare is worried that Eli is taking their break-up too calmly but there's also the . Also, K.C. realizes he must do what's best for the people he loves.

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Elijah 'Eli' Goldsworthy is a new student at Degrassi School in Season He is protrayed Eli doesn't seem to care what other people think of him. Some of his .

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I'll take care of these. About that Let me explain - that date I went on, eli was with a girl, not roulette guy. That makes me Whatever keeps them happy. See, I knew Cece Goldsworthy | Degrassi Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia. Degrassi.

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Explore Sam Henningsen's board "Whatever it Takes!" on Pinterest. Degrassi. Eli & Clare and Cam & Maya How I love these couples. Degrassi Next.