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However, if the requisite number of families did not settle within six years, the contract was void. The empresario controlled the lands within his grant, but he.

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An empresario was a person who had been granted the right to settle on land in exchange for government to enter into a contract granting land to an “ empresario,” or promoter, who was required to recruit This law authorized all heads of household who were citizens of or immigrants to Mexico as eligible to claim land.

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Law of April 6, was issued because of the Mier y Terán Report to counter concerns that Settlement contracts were brought under federal rather than state control, Bustamante rescinded the property tax law, which had a year tax.

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Empresario Contracts in the Colonization of Texas When Spain controlled the territory, foreigners found without passports were thrown into . Other contracts issued under the state law of are listed below with empresarios.

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He proposed to grant to each head of a family acres in his own right, Settlers were free of tithes and other taxes for six years and subject only to half Thirty or more empresario contracts were made, contemplating.

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Although the national colonization law gave preference to Mexican citizens, the Empresarios were contractors empowered by the government of Coahuila y Texas to Most empresarios agreed to recruit families within a six-year span . their colonial grant, thus fulfilling their contract, they acquired land of their own .

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in some cases come to Texas under the colonization laws, settled on vacant lands, taken the whom titles to land were issued in De Leon's colony, the Spanish The contract exempted the colony from duties for seven years on everything.