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Friedrich (Fritz) Miescher was born in Basel, Switzerland. When he graduated in , Miescher ruled out specialties where patient interactions were These cells were difficult to extract from the lymph glands, but they were found in great.

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Their discovery was the culmination of a decade of intense research .. It was in this room that Miescher had discovered DNA 10 years earlier.

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Within 10 years of their experiments, Watson and Crick deciphered its structure and yet another decade on the genetic code was cracked. However, the DNA.

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Johannes Friedrich Miescher (13 August – 26 August ) was a Swiss physician and Bibliography[edit]. Dahm, R (Jan ). "Discovering DNA: Friedrich Miescher and the early years of nucleic acid research". Human Genetics.

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How was DNA first discovered and who discovered it? was first identified in the s by a Swiss chemist called Johann Friedrich Miescher. For many years, scientists continued to believe that proteins were the molecules.

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Friedrich Miescher isolates DNA for the first time. Miescher He found nuclein in other types of cells as well, including salmon sperm. In the early s, other.