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Lebensborn e.V. (literally: "Fount of Life") was an SS-initiated, state-supported, registered . Thus, Lebensborn was primarily a support program for breeding which happened to be coercive. The first stories reporting that Lebensborn was a .

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“Lebensborn” translates to “wellspring of life” or “fountain or life.” The Lebensborn project was one of most secret and terrifying Nazi projects. Heinrich Himmler.

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After decades of hushed shame, the children of the Lebensborn program to create a blond, blue-eyed master race have started to speak out.

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The reason, perhaps, is that the Lebensborn program was the inverse of Hitler's genocidal policies. While other legislation focused on isolating and destroying.

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Lebensborn was introduced into Nazi Germany in December Lebensborn was part of the Nazi belief in a 'Master Race' – the creation of.

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The children were kidnapped as part of the Nazi's grand plan to create a super Aryan race. They were known as the Lebensborn or The Fount.

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The Lebensborn Project was a secret and terrifying Nazi project. Lebensborn translates to “fountain of life” designed for the ”Master Race”.

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She was part of a state-supported programme called Lebensborn (meaning the ' fountain of life'), a Nazi initiative to counteract falling birth rates.