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Voyager 2's views of Uranus and Neptune as the probe flew past in on the edge of the solar system that spacecraft have visited only once.

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A total of nine spacecraft have been launched on missions that involve visits to the outer planets; all nine missions involve encounters with Jupiter, with four spacecraft also visiting Saturn. One spacecraft, Voyager 2, also visited Uranus and Neptune.

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The exploration of Uranus has, to date, been solely through telescopes and NASA's Voyager 2 spacecraft, which made its closest approach to Uranus on . a feasibility study into the possibility of orbital missions to Uranus and Neptune, within a budget of $2 billion in dollars. "Uranus Voyager visits a dark planet".

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Voyager 1, launched September 5, , visited Jupiter in and Saturn in Uranus in before making its closest approach to Neptune on August 25, Both spacecraft will continue to study ultraviolet sources among the stars .

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NASA's Voyager 2 spacecraft flew closely past distant Uranus, the seventh planet from the Sun, Voyager 2's next encounter was with Neptune in August

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Voyager 2 targeted Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. of Jupiter and Saturn, Voyager 2 was to become the first spacecraft to visit Uranus.

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Up until now, the only vehicle that has ever visited Uranus and Neptune was NASA's Voyager 2. Launched in , the spacecraft did flybys of.

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Uranus and Neptune, the seventh and eighth planets, are largely a After the flyby, it would set a course for a giant dwarf planet, and visit a.

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The Cassini spacecraft took almost seven to reach Saturn. been visited only once by the s-vintage Voyager 2 spacecraft, which performed hectic Uranus and Neptune are a distinct class of planets in the solar system.

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Uranus and Neptune as seen by Voyager 2 To date, only one spacecraft has visited the two outermost planets during its "grand tour" of the.