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Even though slavery was the lowest section of the social pyramid in Ancient Egypt, it had its own ranks. If you served for government official.

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The diet of the ancient Egyptians depended on social position and Peasants and slaves would, of course, eat a limited diet, including the.

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The foods that slaves, or serfs, ate were a visible aspect of slave culture and had biblical assertion that ancient Egyptians enslaved the Israelites some 3,

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Some wealthy ancient Egyptians did have slaves. Slaves were captured enemies or criminals. But there were not that many slaves in ancient Egypt.

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Kids learn about Ancient Egyptian food, jobs, and daily Life. The history of Slaves and servants would wear patterned fabrics. Where did What did they eat?.

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Egyptian Slaves. We might be shocked to think of slavery today, but in the time of ancient Egypt is was a common practice in many cultures and countries.

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Ancient Egyptians ate green peas, but not so much fresh as dried like for Hundreds of enslaved Egyptians worked on huge honey farms with.