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I guess I don't worry that much about it because I already *did* back my stuff up. No idea how I'd repost it somewhere else if lj did go titsup, but really, I don't think .

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Mac Cosmetics Campaign. 32 year old grafitti artist, Fafi, teams up with Mac Cosmetics for a new colorful collaboration. Born and raised in Toulouse, France, Fafi.

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No, firing 20 out of 28 people does not mean that lj is going down tomorrow, but with the standard python libraries: MacOS X, all linux and unix flavours, etc.) . If you see nothing mis-spelled to rename echographapp.com, pop back up to the third.

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I have just managed to back up all of my livejournals and communities using files can be run/viewed/searched on a non-windoze platform such as Mac OSX or .

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All of the major TV channels in the UK now have on-demand or catch-up services available online, so I thought I'd perform a quick survey to check their.

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Looking at the official list of clients for Mac (here), the most recent client to be updated asLJ: LiveJournal Client for Mac OS X + (aslj_client) wrote in lj_dev, The link for Journalert is broken and sprote's most recent entry is in I think xjournal is the best mac client for live journal, I only gave it up when I was.

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All of the used brushes have been cleaned with MAC Brush Cleanser. - Please Please leave your paypal, once invoice is paid I will pack up and ready to ship!.

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I've spent the week writing three test columns on Hisae's iBook. Can I still claim to be an initiate in "the cult of Mac"? Well, yes. I set up Quick User Switching on.