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Usually people from very cold and windy climates tend to have more narrow almond shaped eyes. However, some Africans also have very almond shaped eyes.

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Welcome to the world of human ethnicity. We think of them as Asian eyes not because only Asians have them, but because a significantly higher proportion of Asians have them compared with . Why do you have almond-shaped eyes?.

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Taylor Swift is the best example almond-shaped eyes among these people listed. The rest have "regular" small shaped or hooded eyes.

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Actually, anyone of any race can have almond shaped eyes, especially asians, polynesians, Native Americans, and black Africans. They are.

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East Asians don't have almond shaped eyes. White people do. Posted by clairelight at PM in annoying, asian american, race stuff.

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TV personality Julie Chen's recent revelation about getting plastic surgery to make her eyes look "less Chinese" has renewed a long-running.

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I found a source that said almond-shaped eyes are a dominant trait, and rounder If you have a population of , and only 5 have some gene, it is why different ethnic groups of humans should vary in eye shape except for.

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Almond eyes are eyes that have a symmetrical shape, but outer corners of eyes are almond-shaped, and they are prevalent in all ethnicities.

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Ok, this is the first quiz I have made in here, sorry if there are any mistakes. Take this quiz Dark to Medium skin, brown eyes, black hair, almond shaped eyes. 3 .