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While it might not “sound” that obvious, zebras do indeed produce noises. Now you know what sound a zebra makes, check out some of the other interesting.

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People often think that zebras do not make any noise. When we see them at the zoo, they appear to be very quiet animals. However, zebras do.

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A zebra gives a high-pitched yip or bark. This unusual call sounds more like it belongs to a wild dog than a member of the equid family. Horses make a sound for.

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It's not hard to find examples of the sound made by Grant's zebras (the most common type). If you've watched nature documentaries, you've probably heard the.

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Zebras do not whinney, bray, or neigh. They "bark" and make another common sound that is hard to describe, kind of a wheezing honk, honk.

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Yes, zebras actually do bark. In fact, they make four very notable sounds. They also use it as a type of acknowledgement when meeting.

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The zebra makes many different sounds, one of which is a bark or yip. This sound helps zebras to locate one another. A zebra may also bray in a similar manner.