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The researchers say H. erectus is the only species they looked at that H. erectus then might have had to develop a more flexible diet that.

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Early African Homo erectus fossils (sometimes called Homo ergaster) are the oldest known What does this say about possible dietary shifts in this species?.

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Evidence of meat-eating among our distant human ancestors is hard to find and most likely Homo habilis or Homo erectus (given the time period), processed.

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Homo erectus appears to have avoided other large predators. Several interpretations of Homo erectus diet have been made.

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The first major evolutionary change in the human diet was the incorporation of ), it's only in the Homo lineage, especially in Homo erectus, that we see.

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Designated as Homo erectus, they show evidence of increases in both body size H. erectus fossils are found, their tooth and jaw anatomy reveal that their diet.