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The death of Osama bin Laden gave rise to various conspiracy theories, hoaxes, and rumors. These include the ideas that bin Laden had been dead for years.

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The chemtrail conspiracy theory is based on the erroneous belief that long- lasting . around the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP ).

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Straightsell eCommerce is pre-integrated 9 different accounting/ERP systems from 7 different software/ERP vendors, review who and what Straightsell is.

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Fake News Headline Correction Project Original, Yahoo News These young hackers were given direct access to a At Def Con, children show.

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LTE1 65% httpsanswersyahoocom YAHOO! ANSWERS O Discover Answer Viewing All Questions Do you think the victims of were extremely stupid?.

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See more ideas about Conspiracy theories, Flat earth and Politics. HAARP, Weather Modification Sandy Hook, Dislike, Flat Earth, Conspiracy Theories, Soil "Pictures of Nikola Tesla Inventions - Safer Browser Yahoo Bildesøkresultater " . Memes Diversos Pisces Horoscope, Astrology, Compatibility Chart, Online.

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2/15/11 This special golden oldie with Jerry Smith is by Meria Heller. This was at the beginning of the HAARP project in Alaska, and the war on Iraq. Jerry died.

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with a driver 'yahoo-ing', to his monotheistic, negative-Regulus war god! .. Christian Astrology, book 3: Nativities by William Lilly, chapter of the Judgement card for another project, so I checked out the card. to assist in battle is my passion against lucifer, CERN, HAARP and the illuminati.