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#1 Plaque. Gum disease is most commonly caused by plaque—a thick film of bacteria forming on gums and teeth that daily brushing, flossing and rinsing.

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Periodontal (Gum) Disease. What causes gum disease? Our mouths are full of bacteria. These bacteria, along with mucus and other particles, constantly form a .

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Symptoms. Symptoms of gum disease include: Bad breath that won't go away; Red or swollen gums; Tender or bleeding gums.

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Gum disease can be caused by a number of factors, but poor oral hygiene is the most common cause.

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For many years scientists have been trying to figure out what causes periodontal disease. It is now well accepted that bacteria in dental plaque are the major.

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Periodontitis, also generally called gum disease or periodontal disease, begins with bacterial growth in your mouth and may end -- if not.

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Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums caused by a bacterial infection. If left untreated, it can become a more serious infection known as.

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Bright red, swollen gums that bleed to periodontal disease, the.

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Learn about the warning signs of infected gums and ways they can be treated. Find out how you can prevent gum infection and achieve healthy gums with Crest .

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Periodontitis is a serious gum infection that damages the soft tissue and destroys the bone that supports your teeth.