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Delirium and terminal restlessness are distressing symptoms that may occur in dying patients. Find out what they are and how to spot and.

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The signs and symptoms of terminal restlessness can be characterized by aggressive behavior or by calm, lethargic behavior. The aggressive.

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Terminal restlessness is a common end-of-life symptom that many family members find concerning. Here's what to look for.

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Patients at the end of life develop a number of distressing symptoms. Delirium may be a marker of the terminal phase of illness and 10–23% of patients in.

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Terminal agitation or restlessness can be defined as agitated delirium with who are dying experience symptoms associated with restlessness before death

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A recent review of parenteral nutrition and hydration at the end of life suggested that delirium was the only aspect of terminal symptom control.

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Terminal agitation means agitation that occurs in the last few days of life. Agitation is often a symptom of delirium but some patients can become agitated.

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Agitation is often a symptom of delirium, but some patients can become and is sometimes called terminal restlessness or terminal agitation.

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The differential diagnosis for delirium includes depression, mania, of 13 terminal cancer patients, 85% were diagnosed with delirium.